Frequently Asked Questions

It will work if you remain consistent and stick to the plan.

Babies and children cry during sleep training because they are protesting the change, and showing you that they do not like the new way of doing things. This goes for all the methods used including the most gradual and those with maximum parental input. Be wary of anybody who professes a no cry sleep solution as this tends to be a marketing gimmick. It’s important that children be free to express their likes and dislikes and I can help you to separate out the wants from the needs. We will ensure that your child has all their needs met before implementing any method, and any needs will be swiftly dealt with in the night also.

I have helped 100% of my clients reach the goals set out in the consultation.

Techniques can show results as soon as 1-3 days in and most families see good results within 7-10 days. I will aim to have your goals met by two weeks, however this is dependent on factors such as the child's age, temperament and technique used. I will never leave you in a place where you don't know exactly what you are doing going forward, and are confident in doing so.

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